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    “Our strategic progress and successful delivery of our targets has enabled us to deliver benefits to our customers and returns to our shareholders.”

    Paul Geddes, CEO of Direct Line Group

    Operating profit

    14.2% to
    £526.5 million

    FY 2013 Results

    “The Board is encouraged by the progress made on the Group’s transformation plan and endorses management’s actions to drive efficiency in the current competitive markets.”

    Mike Biggs, Chairman of Direct Line Group

    Achieved a ROTE of 16%
    FY 2013 Results

    “Against a backdrop of competitive markets, the Group made progress on its financial targets.”

    John Reizenstein, Chief Financial Officer

    Combined operating ratio

    3.1% to

    FY 2013 Results

    “In our first full year as a stand-alone listed Group, we showed good progress towards our targets and delivered improved returns to shareholders.”

    John Reizenstein, Chief Financial Officer

    Dividends per share

    5% Normal 12.6p

    FY 2013 Results


    Our approach

    Our business model allows customers to buy the products they want through the channels that suit them best.

    Our brands

    Our brands

    We aim for each of our brands to offer a specific proposition to a distinct customer segment.

    Our products

    Our products

    We tailor our products to target specific market segments. We have multiple brands, products and distribution channels that enable customers to choose the right level of cover to protect their cars, homes, holidays, businesses and pets.

    Our channel

    Our channel

    We use a multi-brand, multi-product and multi-distribution channel business model, aiming for each of our brands to offer a specific proposition to a distinct customer segment.

    Our strategy

    We continue to transform our business to move towards our ambition to be Britain’s best retail general insurer. Our strategy is based on five key priorities.


    Improve distribution efficiency and effectiveness.


    Leverage data and the investments we have made to provide leading technical and market pricing.


    Improve customers’experience by rolling out further claims initiatives.


    Improve efficiency and reduce costs.

    Commercial & international

    Drive further efficiencies and leverage our skills across the Group.

    Our brands

    We own several of the country's best-known brands, each with its own clearly defined identity and proposition.

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