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    "The Board is focused on providing robust oversight of Direct Line Group, including a substantial programme of investment in improving our customers’ experience and aiming to create long-term value for our shareholders."

    Mike Biggs, Chairman, Annual Report 2014

    Achieved a ROTE of 15.8%
    H1 2014 Results

    "We have built solid foundations for our business and are continuing to invest in our future. As we head into the next phase of our journey, I am excited by the focus and energy of our people to deliver even further success."

    Paul Geddes, CEO, Annual Report 2014

    Combined operating ratio


    H1 2014 Results


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    Our strategy

    Our strategy

    We continue to transform our business to move towards our ambition to be Britain's best retail general insurer.

    Our approach

    Our business model allows customers to buy the products they want through the channels that suit them best.

    Our brands

    Our brands

    We aim for each of our brands to offer a specific proposition to a distinct customer segment.

    Our products

    Our products

    We tailor our products to target specific market segments. We have multiple brands, products and distribution channels that enable customers to choose the right level of cover to protect their cars, homes, holidays, businesses and pets.

    Our channels

    Our channels

    We use a multi-brand, multi-product and multi-distribution channel business model, aiming for each of our brands to offer a specific proposition to a distinct customer segment.

    Our brands

    We own several of the country's best-known brands, each with its own clearly defined identity and proposition.

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    • Privilege
    • Greenflag
    • NIG
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